Structure and methods of the work of the GH

The GHL is being led by a board of research scientists, consisting of professors, who’s main focus is on plant science.
This board represents / stands in for the frame conditions of the GHL Structure and their methods of work, so that the GHL will work as a user orientated organization.  
Task of the GHL is to optimize research approaches to assure a high quality of plants by nursery and plant protection throughout the scientific research and therefore optimize the quality of scientific experiments.

To implement these complex tasks, the specific knowledge of employees is bundled and linked into teamwork most effectively.  
Skilled members of the management, as well as technically specialized staff, master gardeners and all gardeners contribute their specific knowledge regarding works of planning, implementing and services.
So for every single experiment a team will provide the ideal ground for research.
According to location of his experiment the research scientist will be supported by the appropriate master gardener and his team of gardeners.

GHL staff will ensure the optimal daily supply with water, nutrients, exposure to light, temperature, etc.. Main emphasis here is on optimization of plant protection.  
Next to the complex coordination of chemical plant protective measures in accordance with the research scientist, the use of beneficial organism has a special significance.  

GHL staff is also trained on dealing with genetically modified organism (GMO’s) and will optimize every single experiment regarding handling, save cultivation, disposal and monitoring of these special plants.

loyal directory team GHL Dürnast

Prof. Hückelhoven (chair in phytopathology), Prof. Schwab (Associated Professorship of Biotechnology of Natural Products), Prof. Poppenberger (department biotechnology pf horticultural crops)

managerial director

Prof. Hückelhoven (chair in phytopathology)