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Lehrstuhl Phytopathologie






Management board:

Dr. Hans Hausladen, Tel.: +49.8161.71.3964

Dr. Susanne Steger (ehem. Rühmann), Tel.: +49.8161.71.5020

Technical leader:

Dipl. Ing. Florian Steinbacher, Tel.: +49.8161.71.4999



Master gardener:

Kai Steinmetz (Gärtnermeister), Tel.: +49.8161.71.5019

Robert Hansel (Gärtnermeister), Tel.: +49.8161.71.5003


Sabine Zuber (Gärtnermeisterin), Tel.: +49.8161.71.5015




Claudia Steinmetz, Tel.: +49.8161.71.3443, Fax: +49.8161.71.4491 

Therese Kellerer, Tel.: +49.8161.71.2138, Fax: +49.8161.71.4491




Carrying out projects at the GHL ….

If you are interested in a space allocation for your project, …  
- Please contact one of our master gardeners, the technical manager or general managers and describe your project.
You will receive forms for project registration and a form for the subject of S1 (genetic modified organism), which you should fill in and return
-You can download the forms from our homepage (forms) and send them to above point of contact  
An appointment will be given for detailed planning, you will receive an experiment number and can start on the agreed date.
Appropriate to your experimental unit a master gardener and his gardening team will be responsible for the support and care of your experiment.
Standard substrates, pots in standard sizes as well as labels, fertilization (controllable per table only) and plant protection measures are included in the price.
Jobs like sowing, pricking out and potting will be done in cooperation with gardeners and scientists. Jobs who are directly related to the experimental approach have to be done by the scientist only
The user will receive an invoice mid-year and at the end of a year for his space used.
If the project will be finished between these settlement dates, an individual invoice can be generated any time.
Usually collective invoices will be created for one professor ship or faculty. However it is possible, to invoice single projects separately (please state with experiment registration).  
Allocation of space will be done by registration date. With his registration the user defines the utilization period, which will be invoiced accordingly.
For open fields, vegetation halls and cold frames the pure usable area will be used as calculation for accounting. For greenhouses the used area will be doubled for calculation (gross area).
Utilization units like plant breeding rooms and climate cabins will be calculated for accounting per unit.  
If a project cannot be realized at the requested date ( due to lack of space / capacity, workload of staff) we will put you on a waiting list and will realize your project as soon as possible.
We will try to realize ideas and wishes as well.